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Windmill over the tanks

About the RockingJB Ranch

Evening Primrose

The RockingJB Ranch is in Edward’s County where the rocky limestone hills of the South-Western Edward’s Plateau are dotted with hardy Live Oak trees, Juniper, Pinon Pine, Persimmon, Mountain Laurel, succulents and cactus. In the Spring and Fall rainy seasons flash floods roar through the valleys and the hills are covered with wild flowers. In the Summer and Winter dry seasons, the land is brown.

This country was roamed by the Apache and Comanche Indians 150 years ago and for the past 120 years has been used for grazing sheep, goats and cattle and for hunting white tail deer and wild turkeys and pigs.

Desert rabbits hide in the underbrush while turkey vultures soar overhead. Jack rabbits, raccoons and armadillos scoot across the dirt roads. Bright red Vermillion Flycatchers and Summer Tanagers add touches of red to the trees. Bobcat kittens play in the underbrush and an occasional mountain lion migrates through using one of the limestone caves to consume their prey.




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